I was having considerable back pain and discomfort while walking and playing golf before I met her. With her help and advice, I have become more flexible and able to do many more things without using my cane. In particular, I am able to play more golf without developing too much stiffness or pain. HD

I was immediately impressed by her approach. Unlike other fitness professionals to whom I had been exposed, Caprice brought to her teaching a focus, consistency and deeper understanding of the problems I was experiencing. DR

As a therapist she has helped me recognize how my own physical habits affect the way my body manifests pain and how learning about them and considering them can help me change the most basic movements I do, whether it is walking or sitting or everyday interactions with objects and people. I am a healthier person because of what she has taught me. BD

Ms. Boisvert is extremely capable and, I would say, a cut above most other instructors. She is most knowledgeable about the biomechanical working of the body. More than that, her facility with language enables her to get one to move in the most effective way. After a session with her my body is much more relaxed, in much less pain, and much more prepared to get on with whatever movements are needed in daily living activities. GA

Over the years that I have taken Pilates instruction with Caprice, I have been the beneficiary of her dedication, research, skill and kindness. I have seen great improvement in my day-to-day functioning and comfort level as a result. Caprice is a problem solver and cares deeply about the well being of her clients. SC

Caprice is extremely knowledgeable, well-trained, and caring. She is a consummate professional, dedicated to helping her clients heal. She has expertise in a range of techniques and draws on both the breadth and depth of her understanding to help her clients benefit from different types of body work. KE

I am always amazed at how wonderfully well I feel as a result of my weekly sessions with her. On the odd occasion when something goes awry, it never lasts for very long, as Caprice identifies the problem and shows me how to realign and correct, and the series of exercises I need to do. I have benefitted greatly from working with Caprice, and love the mind-body connections she makes, and also feel that my coordination and balance are remarkably improved as a result of my work with her. MJ