Pilates is an exercise method that encourages and enables movement in a fluid and precise manner with an appropriate amount of effort. It uses breath for support and movement initiation and stabilisation. Pilates creates long, lean and toned muscles by increasing flexibility, range of motion, and strength.

When you work with Caprice, you will learn about efficient movement patterning, which will lead to expanded movement choices.  This, in turn, will help you relinquish ineffectual movement patterns and regain natural ease, flexibility and power. This approach to Pilates can relieve neck and shoulder discomfort, address back pain, release tension from the body, improve coordination, and enhance your awareness of your deep core muscles by removing the focus from the overworked, superficial muscles of the body. Deep abdominal work, free joint movement, and spinal articulation are basic elements of the method, and particular attention is paid to proper alignment and muscular balance.

Caprice will ensure that you have all the building blocks you need before introducing classical repertoire. Learning new repertoire when your body is ready is an important part of her teaching. Pilates is not choreography: it is a system of exercise that works best when your body is well-prepared and you have an understanding of the work. Gentle and timely progression will ensure success.  Most importantly, Caprice wants you to finish each lesson feeling better than when you began.